Camp Not Allowed is now an E-book!

Fourteen Doodle and Peck books were uploaded to Amazon/Kindle this past week. More will follow soon! You can still order a hardback or softcover copy from, but now you have choices!!

Froggy Bottom Blues, by Sharon Martin

Scanner, by U.B. Townsend

Let’s Follow Them!, by M. Jones

Grrr…Night!, by Susan Meyers

Joshua and the Biggest Fish, by K. Morrison

Camping With Bigfoot, by Matt Judkins

Mila Denton’s Worst Week Ever!, by Sandra Lawson

Mila Denton is an April Fool, by Sandra Lawson

Camp Not Allowed, by K.J. Williams

Stone Girl, by Susan Meyers

The Potbelly Pig Promise, by Barbara Shepherd

Down on the Ranch, by Nancy Pyle

Scanner and the Icky, Sticky Gum, by U.B. Townsend

Just Playing, by Anita Schlaht

Suki and Sam, by Dr. Lisa Marotta

Space  Station Vacation, by Darlina Eichman