Karen’s Chaos

Top Ten Myths About Writing Children’s Books

  1. Children’s books are easy to write.
  2. If I write a picture book, I have to illustrate it, too (or hire an illustrator).
  3. Children’s books have to rhyme.
  4. Since my kids/grandkids/class love my stories, they will make a great book.
  5. It’s really important to follow trends, and write about things like vampires and dystopias if you write for teens.
  6. Boys will only read “boy books” and girls will only read “girl books”.
  7. As soon as I sell my book, I can quit my day job.
  8. After my book is published, I’ll be sent on a book tour and be a guest on Ellen.
  9. Picture book characters should be talking animals, not children.
  10. I’ll never get published unless I have an agent.

—-Author Unknown